Misogyny is outdated.

by Martha Raysik

Eric Torres, and others like….You think I hate you, but that’s not true. I hate what you did. I am not judging you, but just pointing out to you, the truth of what you are doing. I have done worse, so I cannot judge, but am evolving, and it is time for you to do the same. You publicly demeaned a women, a total stranger to you for no reason except mean-spiritedness. You think you were remarking and attacking a woman’s looks, but I always knew my exterior was never pretty, oh, how I suffered in early life, as I was tortured for not being pretty enough, girly enough, and I know my looks are very typical in rare cases as mine. I appear more masculine on my exterior, as I am a chimera. Two fused fraternal twins. An act of God. A woman clothed with the Son.

It seems the torture never stops, as you have made that clear to me, in that you too find me physically inadequate, not pretty enough as a woman to even exist without being attacked, as you so succinctly did. Eric, you hurt me, not what you said, but that act you did. You reached down, picked up a stone and hurled it at me. And for no reason, as I am innocent. That is what hurts.

God made me this way. Do you want to fault God?

Eric, do you truly believe in God? If so, then you know God is listening right now, you must know if you believe. But maybe you do not?
Eric, I am the woman behind the exterior masculine that is my clothing. He does not care about pleasing you with his looks. I am divine feminine inside though. But, about you; Say nothing to me that you would not say to the face of Jesus Christ, for he is my shield.
I believe that despite widespread media about our drastically changing society and the way men have despicably treated the feminine, you still find it acceptable, even braggable that you have acted in such way as to be called out by a woman publicly for your acts of harming me verbally.

What is the difference in what you did, versus making fun of an Asian for their eye shape? Or a black person for his skin color, or a down’s syndrome child for their looks? Or if they even dare to have different religious beliefs than you? Dare to wear a piece of silk or cloth over their hair? Dare to be anything different than you? Is there any difference? Is their Eric? I find none, and yet you continued to dismiss your act as frivolous…despite knowing what the climate about thus is?

You might be laughing, jesting with your buddies for what you did, and I say, Great, do not stop, please continue to tell everyone you know about the truth of your spiritual character. Advertise the type of man you are to everybody you know. And they will laugh with you, but deep inside they will file away the facts you told them about your character. About how you seemingly take pleasure in harming others and making fun of their skin color, their face, their weight, their anything, because you are so perfect.

And Eric, each time you reach down to the ground to tie your shoelaces, Eric, think about how low down that is. Right next to the dirt, Eric. Each twist of that lace is a time to reflect on how low it is down there.

Tie your shoes Eric, tie them into knots Eric, just so you do not have to tie them again that day. So you can avoid thinking about your character. Reach down low and and ask yourself if this is where you belong?

Is it? Do you belong down there Eric? Is that the kind of man you are Eric? Is that the kind of man you want to be Eric? Or have you been brainwashed by this culture and life into thinking its okay, a boatload of fun to harm others? Especially women?

Reach deep inside and ask yourself what kind of man you have been, and if you might want to be somebody different, because Eric, I do not want to see you down on the ground, I think you can go higher.